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Presented by 8x Global Business Coach of the Year 
Bruce Campbell
Tuesday 26 October, 2021
Registration: 5:15pm
Workshop: 5:30 - 7:00pm

Eatons Hill Hotel
646 South Pine Road
Eatons Hill QLD 4037
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell is recognised as the #1 Business Coach globally, (8 times), and has been extensively awarded for his work through various international bodies. He has an uncanny track record of coaching business owners, and people who want to get into business, to life changing financial results.

His expertise in business strategy, marketing, sales, finance, international business, and human resource management, stem from working and coaching in a diverse range of industries over many years.

Bruce teaches business owners how to turn their company into personal cash machines using transformational entrepreneurial principles that every successful business owner MUST know, and is an amazing mentor, focussed on coaching the person, not just the business.

He has an MBA from Aberdeen Business School (UK), has invested well over a million dollars in his further education, and most importantly, to him, has a “degree in life” with over 20 years business development experience, that he is wanting to share with “you”.


Easily track and measure your numbers with Bruce's "Financial Cockpit", which we use as a "flight simulator" to see the potential outcomes of pulling on the different levers within your business.


Turn your marketing into an investment instead of an expense, using Bruce's "5 Step Framework" to build a predictable and consistent flow of qualified leads. 


Learn how to properly manage your time to maximise efficiency and results, giving you more time to do all the things you started your business for in the first place.


Attract, train and retain exceptional employees, who deliver outstanding customer service. 

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This is not a theory-based workshop, you’ll get practical value and tools that you can implement immediately into your business! 

Bruce’s goal is to educate you so you can avoid the mistakes many business owners make and to ease you into the first steps of creating the successful business that you want. This is a free, educational event that we invite you to attend. 

All you need to do is put aside a few hours of your time and turn up on the night. 
Make a positive decision today, for your business success tomorrow… 

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