The Entrepreneurs Forum is a once-a-year opportunity unlike any other, when our EBS community comes together as growth-minded business owners and entrepreneurs for 2 full days of invaluable business re-education, connection and inspiration.
The Entrepreneurs Forum focuses on providing business owners and entrepreneurs the highest level of business knowledge, led by 10 times Global Coach of the Year - Bruce Campbell. Bruce delivers comprehensive insights through simple yet effective tactics and strategies, so you can work smarter on your business to drive growth and profitability in virtually every part of your business planning, team building, company culture, leadership and more.
Lead Platform Speaker: Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell is Founder and Principal Business Coach of the Entrepreneurial Business School, 10x Winner of Global #1 Coach of the Year, multiple International and Asia/Pacific Stevie Award Winner, Acclaimed Book Author, and has been extensively awarded for his work through various other international bodies.

His expertise in business strategy, marketing, sales, finance, international business and human resource management stem from working and coaching in a diverse range of industries including Construction, Health, Retail, Professional Services, Food, Manufacturing, Distribution, Franchising, Agriculture, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Oil and Gas. He has personally coached thousands of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs around the globe in a diverse range of industries, and has an uncanny track record of coaching Business Owners to life changing results.  

Main Guest Speaker: Dominique Lyone
Dominique’s journey from immigrant to head of Australia’s only privately-owned national office supplies business, Complete Office Supplies (COS), is a tale of family, perseverance and passion. After fleeing Egypt following the 1967 Six Day War, 13 year old Dominique and his family settled in Western Sydney, speaking no English and with just $90 in their pockets. A year later, Dominique dropped out of school and became a Telegram Boy, then an apprentice Typewriter Mechanic, all the while perfecting his English. Two years later, he became a Sales Rep for the neighbouring Office Supplies store, until 1976 when he and a colleague figured they could start their own business, and Complete Office Supplies (COS) was born. His father was his biggest supporter, loaning his entire pension to Dominique to expand the business. But, like many businesses, Dominique faced financial challenges. And, after buying out his partner, Dominque lost everything, including his father’s money. No bank would even talk to him about a loan.

Hear how Dominique turned everything around. Today COS has an annual turnover of $300 million, employing over 550 staff, with 9 distribution centres around Australia. It is also still a family-run business, with Dominque’s wife and father working within the business at times, and with both his daughters on the COS Executive Team today. Family Business equates to about 70% of all business in Australia, with an average turnover of $12M. Dominique’s story is one of grit and success and tells just how important family business is within the Australian economy.
Kyampisi Childcare Ministries
Entrepreneurial Business School (EBS) and Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) have now been partnering for 4+ years. EBS and the surrounding community is built around a solid and caring community of which each and every member, no matter how big or small, want to make a difference to the future lives of the children in the community of Kyampisi. 

EBS runs a combination of events to maximise the proceeds towards KCM including the Entrepreneurs Forum. The fundraising efforts culminate at the Gala Charity Ball on Sunday night with a Live and Silent Auction. Last year’s Forum the EBS community raised a total of $270,000 over the 2 day weekend.

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