What you'll learn...


Want to see more cash in your bank at the end of the month?

More than 52% of businesses fail simply because they run out of cash.
You will learn how to increase your profits by 61%.
Having a very effective cash flow, creates a profitable future for their businesses and lives.


Why Branding and Marketing Are Important For Small Business?

Sure, you have a good product, but if people don't know about your offerings, how can you sell? Turn your marketing into an investment instead of an expense, to build a predictable and consistent flow of qualified leads. 
A Marketing Plan, including digital marketing, email marketing, a CRM system is essential for the success of the business and leverage brand equity and lead generation. 


Worried about not getting work done on time?
Not os sure about your time management skills?
Left feeling frantic, overwhelmed and tired? 

One of the biggest struggles business owners have is effective time management. Learn how to properly manage your time to maximise efficiency and results, giving you time management strategies to do all the things you started your business for in the first place.


Finding it hard to attract and retain talent for your business?

A strong employee attraction and retention rate is a key tool to remain competitive in today’s market. Attract, and retain exceptional employees, who deliver outstanding customer service is essential for the success of your business.  
Why do you need a business coach?
Coaching is the process of supporting business owners to become unstuck from their challenges and to transfer them into learning opportunities that can drive positive and sustainable change. Knowledge and skills are simply not enough in today’s dynamic operating environment. Business owners must be able to understand themselves and their strengths and opportunities and be successfully able to implement their full capabilities in the day-to-day.

At EBS - Entrepreneurial Business School, we believe that business owners develop best when exposed to a variety of blended learning opportunities. Coaching provides opportunities for development that can be put into action in the workplace immediately. As an experienced coaching firm, we provide a variety of coaching programs to support business owners and entrepreneurs.